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                               Samuel Arcadipane

                    President and Spring Hill location drum instructor

At FS Music we offer lessons in any kind of drumming. Our drum instructor, Samuel Arcadipane, is a highly professional drummer and instructor. Samuel has been drumming for 12 years and he is both a session and performing drummer. His passion for teaching started at the early age of sixteen as his first job. Samuel studied at the Musician's institute in Los Angeles, California, with the legendary Chuck Silverman. He has also studied with Billy Ashbaugh, famed drummer for pop acts such as  'NSYNC, Britney Spears and Pat Benatar. 

Samuel's teaching style is very hands-on, ensuring that his students master the basics and also by giving them the option to read music. As the students becomes more settled they are encouraged to pick and play along to their favorite tracks.

Samuel is versed in Latin, Jazz, Fusion, Rock and Pop--making him the ideal instructor for coordination, reading and rudimental drumming to helping any student reach their musical goals. 

       Skype/Facetime Lessons!!!!

Drum lessons also take place at online at Skype! So no matter where you are you can always stay connected with our highly motiving teacher Samuel Arcadipane, This concept makes drum lessons easier than ever before! Just all you have to do is a Skype account and your ready to take lessons in the comfort of your home! Drum lessons are even recorded for you can go back and retain at any moment for yours to keep!  This easy concept involves you ether having a drum set or pads at home and a smart phone, computer, T.V. using X box or Playstation containing the application Skype or FaceTime which can be downloaded for free here; 

Regular lessons require that you show up siting in traffic, time from your office/home, traveling,  gas expenses, it can add up. Our student and parents recommend lessons online. 

live far away you can simply join our video recital that will be posted on our FaceBook page and other social media platform

Kevin Holdren, Guitar/Banjo Instructor

Kevin Holdren, Guitar and Banjo Instructor at FS Music

Kevin Holdren is our main guitar teacher at FS Music in Crystal River. Kevin has been teaching guitar for more than 9 years and has been with us at FS Music ever since the beginning. However, Kevin has been playing the guitar his entire life and has studied many aspects of playing music also the banjo. Kevin teaches all different genres as well as improvisation and reading music. He also specializes in stage performance and will challenge his students to reach the next level of their talents. 
Not only is Kevin an outstanding teacher but he is also a well recognized guitar player on a professional level. Kevin was named "New Featured Artist" in both Guitar Player Magazine and Guitar World Magazine. Kevin also specializes in composing his own music and can sure be to great help for his students in that area as well.