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Ddrum Paladin 6-piece Shell Kit

$899.99 $1,399.99

The Paladin’s kick is deep, with a great attack. The toms have a beautiful, pure sound with a wide tonal range. The drums also look beautiful and they’re a joy to play! The aggressive, cutting clarityof Paladin Maple’s toms & snare, and the immense depth & punch of two separately voiced bass drums, make this custom configuration a world-touring wonder of power and versatility.The bright, punchy voice of Paladin Maple is a clear asset in our Uptown configuration, which evenly covers the bases of powerful lows, musical mids and crisp highs - perfect for any style you wish to complement.

•  Maple Shells

• 4-Ply tom shells

• 8-Ply Vintageblend snare & bass drum shells

• Precise 45-degree bearing edges

• Faceoff lugs

• Chrome Fixtpitch suspension mounts

• Resolift bass drum lifts

• 2.3mm steel hoop

• Kick drum: 22 x 18"

• Snare drum: 14 x 6-1/2"

Triple-flange hoops

Has Been tested by a few customers but still looks brand new*

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