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My son loves playing in his rock band. In six months he has gone from not playing to playing In a band!!!

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Starting at 3-17 years old

Optional performance:
Time for cake and pizza, join in the fun in our low-pressure band performance night (the show is the last day of camp). When you are done, you will even reward yourself for the fun and work you put in.

Builds confidence and musical skills and stage performance skills (performances are optional).

Make new friends and develop team working skills with students of the same age and skill level

Every group of kids is sectioned based on age and experience. Every group will come up with their own band name and play as a team, set along with one-on-one Individual technique learning with an instructor, and together as a band! Learn to play by learning songs as a band. No experience necessary!

Fun, patent, expert teachers for any age, level/style, and experience. So you will never have to worry about another meanie person. 

What is included in the workshops at Rock camp?

Each student of the camp will have goals set by the instructors of playing the FS Music curriculum. This is to be completed by the 6th day of camp July 13th. These will be daily workshops:
The curriculum is broken down by for each instrument:
Music Theory made fun. 

Music reading (ages 7 and above).

Playing songs.

Scales and cords (Piano, Keyboard Guitar, Ukulele).Rudiments and grooves and fills (Drums).


Soloing/playing by ear (optional).

How to perform on stage (performances are optional on the last day of camp).

What fun activities are at the Rock camp?

To list a few:
Outside water balloons/squirt guns teams and more.

Soccer/flag football.

Friendly battle of the bands (based on age and experience). The winning band wins a prize.

Build your own instrument cafts.

Free lunch, snacks, and drinks every day.

Music history reenactments play with historic costumes.

Pizza and music-related movie.

Guitar raffle. One lucky camper will win a Dean guitar!

Performance (optional) on the last day July 14th with a pizza and cake celebration! This will be recorded and sent out for yours to keep!

  • How do you get the free guitar?
    Simple. Come in and prepay for guitar lessons while you coordinate your schedule with the staff. Once that is done. You will be handed a new guitar for yours to keep!
  • What kind of programs would a free guitar qualify for?
    Either guitar private lessons or, group rock band program (playing guitar in the program).
  • How does private guitar lessons break down? What does it include?
    You would get 1 private lesson one on one with an instructor per week. Each lesson is tracked and tailored to your goals. It also includes optional group guitar classes during each week which are: -Easy play song class -know your scales and cord progressions -Open Jam with other learning musicians (Improv). If you have no experience for the group lessons: Total beginners are welcomed to these classes! A lot of students are starting off and are in the boat same as you! Making it an perfect community to learn! A schedule is sent out every month of the optional group classes. So if you show to all the group classes and your private lesson per week you will have a total of 4 lessons a week!
  • What is the progress of joining a Group Band?
    Very Simple: Start with a no-oblation lesson scheduled with our staff to determine the right group band class basic on experience or no experience. Then, we will put you or your child in a group of students in the same boat and around the same age.
  • What if I have multiple kids in my family that want to take guitar lessons?
    The more the merrier! There are no limits per family for free guitars that join as students! Also you will get a discounted rate if more than 2 students per family. The more students the more of a discount!
  • Where are you located?
    430 NE 3rd st, Crystal River, FL 34429. Also, online lessons for anyone anywhere.
  • What are your hours?
    11:30am-7pm Monday-Tuesday. Wednesday to Friday 2:00PM-7PM
  • What if my child doesn't know what instrument they want to play?
    We will do a private evaluation lesson for free and have them try different instruments.
  • What is a 5-week calendar? Do you guys offer make up lessons if we can't show for you time slot?
    We do not charge an extra lesson or fee for a 5-week calendar. i.e. For example in August 2021 there are 5 Tuesdays, so (1)3rd (2)10th (3)17th (4)24th *(5)31st In total, you are charged 4 lessons every month even if there are 5 weeks (5 lessons). This covers life situations if you can't come in. We even offer 1 make-up lesson per month if you can come in a different day or time in the same week. (Not a guarantee that a make up lesson would be available).
  • Are classes refundable?
    No classes or Private lessons are refundable.
  • What is the group band classes and what does it include?
    You would have are (1) 30 min private lesson per week with an instructor of your instrument of choose (this can be a different instrument every week if you or your child are interested in multiple instruments. With an individual exercises and tailored lesson plans to help your journey. You or your child would also have (1) 45 mins In our Group Rock Band class per week. Designed to learn your instrument by playing songs you love (drums, guitar, bass, and voice) in a managed band, including performing in live shows in venues. Each student gets a private individual lesson during the Group Band session with an instructor then plays exercises that help learn sections of the song then, for the last 15 mins everyone plays their instrument together in the songs we are working on. Songs we choose are songs that interest the students in the band, these songs can be radio hits from Classic Rock, Pop, Pop Rock, and Alternative Rock. If there is more than 1 member per house hold in the Group Band program, this would qualify for the family deal. Found out more about our family deal by talking to our staff.
  • Do you screen instructors? Also, how do they qualify?
    Yes! Every one of our instructors and has passed a background check. All of our instructors have played in top bands and also worked with industry-standard recording labels along with music degrees and years of teaching experience. But most of all they have to be fun and great with kids!
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